Saturday, May 17, 2008

I know you are but what am I?

Finally got to town before six to update. I have tomorrow off, so I'm going to find a wireless spot so I can post photos.
Here's a quick rundown on what's goin' on here in Skagtown.
I love my job.
My body is sore.
I sleep like a rock.
My hands are callused.
My dogs are awesome.
Richard Savoyski should be shot.
I'm smoking more now than I ever have in my life. (I know, I know.)
Skagway's cool...sort of...
The tourists are really nice. (It's true)
I've had some HIGH-larious questions from said tourists.
I work with amazingly cool people.
I work some real boners.
I miss Sam.
I bring dogs into my cabin every night.
Bully is a crowd favourite.
So is Hitchcock.
It rains a lot here.
I've never been so dirty in my life.
Despite the lack of Sam, I'm loving this.
More tomorrow.


Marty b said...

Good to see you are enjoying it. Understand about the need to smoke when your world changes. Try to limit daily and keep working it, it will eventually come around.

Good blog.

Marty b

Juneau Eco Mommie said...

Sounds like you are making great memories. Have a blast before it's back up to Fairbanks, can't wait to see photos :)
-Namaste girly

Anonymous said...

"I work some real boners."

So we've heard