Friday, August 11, 2006

This and that...

WEDDINGFEST...more photos from the wedding party on Saturday.
So. My parents, Sam and I are now sanding the inside of the logs to get them ready for treatment. We just wanted to sand off the scuffmarks and pencil marks, but because the logs have yellowed some from being in the sun, we now have to sand every stinkin' log. (I said stinkin' log)
My parents have been a big help and we're definitely on our way to moving in by mid September. You all know what that party! Maybe would hire the wedding band again. OR We have a friend whose name starts with S and ends with teve. (last name Brown) who enjoys 'entertaining' at gatherings. Of course by entertain I mean play guitar....This story's going nowhere.
But I digress.
I got an email from my old roommate in Finland. Her name was (I guess it still is) Anna (I called her Anna Banana which of course she loved). Anyway here's the first line of the email (sorry Anna, I have to share this)

"hi jillie-beanie! just wanted to say hello to my good old roommate, who was so nice never to snore and who taught me some of the most important and useful english words (e.g. doorknob, douchebag,...)."
In German, douche means shower so when I started saying douchebag, some were quite perplexed. I also taught useful and important things like: the phrase ass clown, how to attach your own words into the worst North American Christmas song AND I taught a few how to play cribbage. Oh yeah, and I taught the very useful (in any situation, really) word skank. I am of great importance. I know. I shall travel the world sharing my wisdom. The photo above is of Anna, who, when she wasn't mushing dogs, always had her nose in a book.
Anyway, thanks to you Anna and Marco for teaching me important things like 'Ich bin charf' 'I am hot (horny). Which I think I announced at the dinner table one night...and that time we were sitting upstairs and I was working on pronunciation, and I mispronounced (as usual) and said I had a sheep up my ass. Good times learning German in Finland.

(Photo below is by Sam's brother Jon. The salmon are running thick in rivers around Alaska)

Anyway, I got a press release from Gwen and after years of hard time and labour, this girl has done it!
Good Afternoon,Chena Hot Springs/Chena Power and United Technologies would like to announce thesuccessful commissioning and startup of the first geothermal power plant inAlaska. This project represents a major milestone in the utilization of lowtemperature geothermal resources. Please join us on August 20th for theofficial ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication of this power plant. We arehosting the 1st Annual Chena Renewable Energy Fair on August 20th to celebrateour grand opening. The Fair is free of charge and offers workshops, site andproject tours, vendors, and free food and transportation from Fairbanks. Joinus on August 20th! For more information on the Fair or the power plant, visitChena's project website at www.yourownpower.comThe Chena Hot Springs geothermal power plant is currently operating as the baseload for the site, and United Technologies representatives are on handcompleting performance tests by varying the hot and cold water flow rates. Thepower plant has been running flawlessly.The Chena power plant is running off 162.5F hot water from a 700ft deep well. The cooling water source is from a cold water well at a higher elevation thanthe power plant, and is delivered via siphon (gravity feed). This means nopump needed to move the cold water through the power plant, reducing theparasitic load on the plant.Chena Hot Springs would like to thank our partners in this project, including: United Technologies, United Technologies Research Center, CarrierRefrigeration, the Department of Energy, Alaska Energy Authority & AIDEA, andThe Denali Commission.We hope to see you on August 20th!Gwen HoldmannVP, New DevelopmentChena Hot Springs Resort(907)



... said...

That's awesome. Bummed I missed your folks last night. Looked like you've been doing some dirt work around the place, too. You all just quit to early! I might get some more pictures up this weekend, too. Hoping for today but we'll see...

What's going in at the donut where you have all the fence stuff? Threaded the needle last night poking around down there looking for y'all.

I put in a vote for wedding fest being a blast, too. Superb wedding cake by the way, too. Where'd all the commenters go? Haven't heard from Mapletreehugger in a while just among others.

akbushbaby said...

Mapletreehugger has been banned from the blog. As for the rest...well, it seems I have to nearly saw my leg off in order for anyone to say anything. We took off to IJ's last night at about 6:30. We're really close to having power. Exciting. Have I mentioned my parents want to adopt you? They won't shut up about you. Oh well, keeps 'em out of my hair. Later.
You should get the adoption papers in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Nearly sawing off a leg inspires comments, indead. As does impending pregnancies. Maybe that's too extreme. Although I do have a newsflash for ya: there are more belly-dancing photos available for your entertainment. You know where to go.

akbushbaby said...

Indead? Did you mean to type that? Jesus H, margaret. I got John another skookum find at a garage sale this morning. Just tell me when your house is getting too full of crap and I'll stop. I'll give you a hint: Dwight's favourite toy.
Knock off the baby talk, would ya? WE ARE NOT HAVING KIDS! Just dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. Dogs everywhere! This is inspiring my next blog post: why not to have children...stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Indeed. Did you indeed find a bobblehead? And how come you never get me anything at these damn garage sales?

akbushbaby said...

YES! It's a bobblehead. You're good. I don't get you anything because you're too high class for yard sale kife. Speaking of high class, we went to see the new Will Ferrell movie tonight. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby Jesus!

... said...

Belly dancing scaries me quite a bit really. Never have recovered completely from just the idea of it.

What's the deal with the rain? Feels like September.

akbushbaby said...

Dear seinfeld,
What IS the deal with rain? Comin' down like dogs and more dogs. Shake 'n' Bake!

PS bob is the hero of the day. Helped me out a lot today. He rescued two abused dogs in a single bound. Some musher (she's only 16) decided she couldn't care for her sled dogs anymore, so she just stopped. Gwen and I are in the process of finding homes. I took one. A fiesty girl named Sister. Bob's taking Marais and Daphney. Thanks again bob. (cue theme from the greatest american hero)

subarctic mama said...

Ok--weird small world moment. My husband was the banjo player in the band at your weddingfest.