Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mama said there'd be days like these

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all the mothers of two- and four-legged children. This is to my musher mom friends, many of whom don't have kids of the two-legged variety, who have wiped away puppy tears, gotten up in the middle of the night (and still do) to scare away the boogie man (moose) or to remind them that 3 a.m. is not play time; who have broken up fights and cleaned up poo (so much poo!), and (best of all) who have learned and loved and nurtured and played time and time and time again.We've fixed boo-boos, paced in the doctor's office, worried and put on a brave face when we're scared for them. We've tried to teach them that 'poop' is not a food group. We fret when they don't eat and have taken their temperature the hard way many times over. We are their family, vet, therapist, trainer, coach and best friend. We've watched our furry kids grow and develop and work hard and we are proud of them. We are mothers of sled dogs and we strive for happy, healthy, strong, hard-working, loving kids just like any mom would. Did I mention the poo? Happy Mother's Day!