Wednesday, August 03, 2011

One more time with feeling

Since my first year in the North (1999), I have said that if I were independently wealthy, I would move to Haines, Alaska. This weekend though, my Alaska dream destination has changed. If I had oodles of money (that is to say, enough that I didn't have to worry about a day job. I know, I know, money's just money and it can't buy happiness and blah, blah, blah...I, of all people, know that much) I would live in Halibut Cove, Alaska. I don't know that they'd have me, but I'd sure try to weasel my way in. You can only get there by boat. There are only a couple of dirt roads with the main thoroughfare being boardwalks high above the water. The ocean, actually.
It is nuts.
I want to go to there.
Ah, but there would be no dog mushing...BUT I could build the free-range dog ranch I've always wanted...and I could write...and ride all the horses that are somehow over there...
I'd probably go all 'all-work-and-no-play' on everyone's asses, because it's quite secluded and only 25 people live there in the winter. But man, my first Halibut Cove experience was a good one. It's like a fantasy land. Hence, the above fantasy.
Anyway, enough gushing about it. Homer's cool too, with its roads and stores...
This summer has had some mighty big ups and some mighty deep downs, but that's life: up and down. In and out. Ebb and flow.
Work is still fun and challenging. I still love, love, love being part of something so important and unique. We're also getting ready for the annual Breast Cancer Run and soon after that, Iron Chef; a sexy, foody fundraiser for the clinic in, gasp, Halibut Cove! I can't wait to go back! The one and only restaurant there is a swanky place called the Saltry. It's spendy, but the food is good...worth it, even.
When not at work, I've been loose running the dogs to keep them happy and healthy. It's always hilarious and warms my heart to see the dogs running freely, getting along and peeing on every single thing in the yard. We've also run the team in harness a few times on cooler mornings and evenings.
I'm looking forward to winter, but I'm trying hard to enjoy every day, no matter what the season. We're not racing any more. Or doing tours. We're just going to enjoy the team for ourselves. I'm looking forward to  camping trips and exploring the area, but, like I said, I'm pretty happy with the warm summer days right now.
We've managed to get out on a couple camping trips and took a trip in early July for my birthday to Denali Park via the Denali Highway. It was a great getaway and it was nice to visit with friends I haven't see in a while.
I'm hoping there won't be such a stretch before my next post, but who knows?
Here are some pics from the summer so far...

 Doyon. And Ruby's butt.

 Saltry, baby.

 Happy in Halibut Cove.

 A coffee shop. See? I could totally live there. Take note of the yellow fisherman hanging on your left.

 A cool reflection.


Halibut Cove. 

 Visiting Heidi at Maclaren River Lodge on the Denali Highway. It was really neat to see the lodge in the summer. In the winter it serves as a checkpoint for a couple of races. The hospitality is second to none, no matter what the season.

 Roy loves road trips. He loves them so much, he ate the inside of the Subaru.


 Hiking around in Denali Park.

 Kathy and I. Kathy was in Alaska with her family and we managed to meet up for a night of Alaska Follies and reminiscing the good old Yukon News days.

The Savage River.

Summer. No, that's actually Summer. The blond dog running away...

 Fly fishing on the Anchor River.

Roy! Go camping!