Sunday, May 20, 2007

Clinging by its thick, country skin

There is one place to get a really good cup of coffee in Fairbanks. There are two others that one could go for a reasonable cup of coffee, but the first, Lulu's, is by far the best. There are many drive-up coffee huts that proclaim to have good espresso, which is what I'm talking about when I say coffee. The drive-up huts are not good. Somehow, they manage to have weak and burnt coffee all in one luke-warm beverage. But in today's paper is the annual Reader's Choice tab. It's a top-three list of things around Fairbanks chosen by Fairbankans. Things like best cup of coffee. The winner was Mocha Dan's drive-up coffee. Seeing this was pretty damn disappointing for me. I mean, I know the standards here are low regarding a lot of things, but Mocha Dan's? Seriously?
Also on the list were random things like 'best principal' or 'best burger.' I mean there was everything from food, to people, to guns...
Yes, how could we have a list in ol' Fairbanks without including something about guns. Down Under Guns won for the best gun shop. The category was actually 'Best Gun Shop.'
I almost choked on my skinny latte when I read that. This place will never cease to surprise. And if I ever do become complacent with this whole gun-crazy place well, shoot me.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I got to meet you at the place with the best coffee!