Sunday, December 02, 2007

I said woof, be mine

Roy's lucky he's cute.
Sam's been caribou hunting up the Steese for the past couple days and so Roy has had some hard and fast lessons on how to live outside in the dog yard with the big boys. Don't worry, it's been warm out and Gus lets him sleep in his house with him.
I fell down the stairs a couple nights ago and have been trying to nurse a cracked wrist and very sore body. (I biffed it at the top of the stairs, tumbled down, grabbed onto a ceiling beaming, swung over the bottom stair and landed on my back on the slate floor) Doing chores hurt at first, but I just, what the French call, sucked it up. Plus, I had a friend over who helped me feed the dogs.
I've been running the dogs in the White Mountains pretty regularly because that's pretty much the only place with any snow. I'm running the team with the four-wheeler today out in Cripple Creek, then going to the Whites on Tuesday, then heading up to the Denali Highway for an overnight on Thursday with a musher/vet friend of mine. I'm training for the Solstice 100 at the end of December. Anyway, duty and doody calls.


Anonymous said...

Dear "going to Cripple Creek with a cracked wrist":

Suck it up ... as they say in French... You must use the street verb "s'écraser", which means exactly the same (= don't try to protest or fight, shut up and forget it)

In the imperative : "écrase-toi!" or even "écrase!"

Now you know!
xoxo to Roy Boy.

dogsled_stacie said...

Bummer about the wrist! I think mushers are prone to injury of ANY type it seems... or just unlucky AND accident prone.

Here's to speedy recoveries!!! :)