Friday, September 12, 2008

You loved me more when I was sober and you were kinder

Well then. Another week, another myriad of cool and demonstrably uncool tourists. It's really slowing down now and the end of the season in Skagtown means all the cruise ship passengers that are coming to the dog camp to take a tour are the ones that have either a) done their research and planned one getting a discounted Alaskan cruise or b) won the trip on The Price is Right. Either way, the tips have suckity suck sucked as of late.
I don't have much time, so here's a quick rundown: Things are good. Dogs are good. Life is good. Weather is cool but nice. I leave here on the 28th. Anonymous commenters are spineless fuckwits.
OK, more on Sunday.


Erin Alaska said...

OMfffffG, anonymous is over the top bitter. I hope it's not the same anonymous commenter I have...who writes anonymous anyway. Speak your mind, share your name

Theresa said...

I'm counting down those days 'till you come back to us. Your whining bitchiness will be music to my ears, as long as we still have our safe word.

Anonymous said...

Don't let anyonymous's comment get to you. The person has obviously never dealt with people in the capacity you have as a tour guide. Also, don't fret their comment's about this blog. Some days, your posts are the only thing that gets me through the suffocating monotany that is my workday. Keep up the good work, and start sending in more to Mushing magazine, I miss your articles. See you at the Gin Gin.

Anonymous said...

Nice post...hopefully the "big white boats" will stop crowding our restaurants soon too.