Friday, December 19, 2008

Still livin' but you know I'm not denyin'

OK, seriously, bear with me here folks. I got back from the Sheep Mountain race and went into the White Mountains for a 50-mile run. I'm heading out again tomorrow for a few days of back-to-back 50s before giving the team a few days off before the big race next weekend! Yikes! I think I'm ready, though, as far as what I'll need for 200 miles in the mountains. I broke down yesterday and bought a $100 table saw to cut meat. I know a meat saw is the ticket, but I have no money, so the table saw will do for now. It took me most of the afternoon (and a whole lot of swearing) to assemble the damn thing but I finally got it running and cut up a bunch of beaver and fish. I must have ingested some of the raw-meat dust because I woke up this morning with, er, stuff, gushing out of all, er, exits. Not pretty. So my trip to the Whites has been delayed until tomorrow. The dogs are in good shape, though I'm a little worried about my leader situation. Capiche has been having shoulder issues and Bully has been putting the brakes on for no apparent reason. He's fine in the team but lately has no interest in leading. I've been using Kat, Doyon and Sneaky Pete as my backups and though they do well up front, they're having passing issues. Sigh. I don't know what to do. I guess we'll see how she goes. I have a ton of photos from the past month, which I will put on the blog when I get home on Tuesday, I promise!
OK, must go finish packing the truck.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, here in Brockville we had 50 cm of snow in three days and lows in the -20 range, so you would feel right at home..

Happy Holidays from Gary and Deb