Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I could have made it easier on myself

Sorry for the lack of updates, but the summer is flying by and I'm busy trying to snag a piece for myself. It's still hot and dry here which has become pretty annoying. The dust is everywhere!! When I let the dogs loose, they look that guy Pigpen from Peanuts. Seriously. A cloud of dust surrounds them.
I don't have much to report on except that Libby gave me the new Iditarod video for my birthday and Rich and I are super amped for winter after watching it.
Bill at the winery has been using my pa's maple syrup in his halibut brine and since they give the recipe away to guests, they are now going to start selling the syrup in the gift shop. Yea, Dad!
We still haven't recovered Libby's lost dog, Ace. But I feel like he's still out there. There have been some crazy stories of mushers around here losing dogs and getting them back months later...so we're still optimistic.
Here are some photos and videos from the past couple of weeks.

Above, Rich with Cinch when little Cinch was just a week old. Below, Rich and Cinch three months later...he's a monster...and Cinch is pretty big too!

Mr. Lahey in the grass.

Our new puppy pen. Rich built this in a day! The pups outgrew the other one.


dogsled_stacie said...

Wow! Rich's head! I don't think he's ever been seen on the blog without a toque on!!!

Erin Alaska said...

warm and yummy out...yeah!
you seem real happy, good for you :)

jojo roxx said...

..that "puppy" on his lap is only 3 months old???? Amazing. You are a lucky duck to be Libby's handler; AND making plans for Iditarod '11. Brave grrl. Sending out a prayer for Ace; we all hope u find him. Did he go looking for Libby? :)

~ Kirra ~ said...

You have an amazing blog and luv all the photos.

Being a dog owner (a wee Cavalier) I luv dogs hence I just had to pop over and view your dogs (impressed) and of your life in alaska.