Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello out there, we're on the air

We're up! Spitfire Kennels is now online. Some of the pages are still under construction as I have to finish writing them, but click away and see what you can find. Thanks again to Don at Timber Bay Bed and Breakfast, for sponsoring us with the website.
Well, our slump is done. I want to thank Karen Ramstead for her advice. What a great dog driver and mentor. I took her advice and gave the dogs a day off and then a really fun day of loose runs and time in the house. Our training run last night was awesome! We flew! Capiche was in lead and didn't want to come home. She knows where home is but lead the team in the opposite direction to keep on going! Amazing. What a difference.
I was thinking of my Gran the whole time on last night's run. She had a stroke and was in the hospital. She's doing much better now and is expected to recover almost completely. But if I know my Gran, the original Spitfire, she'll recover 100 percent and then some! So, when Rich and I head to New York at Thanksgiving I'll take a couple of extra days to head North to Brockville to visit her. I know that most of you don't know her, but please send her happy thoughts. I know if she could, she would want to be up here in Alaska with us flying down the trails on the back of a dog sled! I love you, Gran!! See you soon!


Unknown said...

Hi Jillian,
I'm Rich's cousin Karen. I am planning to travel to TRoy the Saturday after Thanksgiving to visit with you all. I read your blog about your grandmother. Sorry to hear she was ill. Hope she is better. From your posting I'm not sure if you will be in Troy when I am there on Saturday. Hope we get to meet. If not, another time perhaps. Loved reading the website. Best of luck to you and Rich. Please tell Rich I said hello. Hope I'll see him in Troy. Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs & Kisses. Love, Karen

Sugardaddy said...

Jill you should explain what the north means to gran

Ridd said...

Great looking website, seems like all is well in Homer - did you ever post me a few spitfire stickers - to spread the love in the UK.....

Miss Daisy said...

Looking forward to seeing you too Jill.