Thursday, February 25, 2010

The true North strong and free

I worked a little late last night and met some friends at the Down East Saloon for a beer afterwards. I had received a parcel from my parents over there in Canuckistan earlier in the day and was wearing my new spoils: a pair of red, Canada Flag Olympic mittens. I walked into the bar wearing the mittens and doing the 'raising the roof' motion while clucking like a wounded bird. I immediately regretted my obnoxious actions. All the gnarled locals at the bar were giving me death stares and Patty, my 'friend', threw one behind the bar. (I got it back) An irate drunk woman in the corner, who was wearing a rainbow hat and sorting through a deck of playing cards adorned with naked men (I am not making this up), stated yelling at me to go back to Canada. I actually feared for my safety for a second. Then I took the sarcastic high road which again, nearly resulted in me getting my ass kicked, and told the inebriate that we are a kind and gentle people and that maybe she should go spend some time in Canada so that she too could become kind and gentle. She didn't like that one bit. I eventually put the mittens away for fear of my physical well being.
The gold medal women's hockey game is today. I'm wearing my mittens and really, really hoping for a win. Mostly so I can tell Patty to stuff it. Oop-oop!

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Go Canucks!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!!