Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Cliffy!!

A word about my pop: He's fantastic.
A word about weather days on the glacier: They suck. Nice segue, eh?
This week on the glacier was full of crappy weather which means, very few tours. Which in turn means, I don't get paid. Yes, we get paid by the tour and when the tours don't come, we sit in the rain, in our tents and make the best of it. I learned how to crochet. I am also the reigning champ at speed Scrabble. Sorry this is a short post, but we're on our way back up to the glacier. I'll post more next time, I promise. Thank you to all the supporters who have left comments or emailed me, I really appreciate it. Meanwhile, enjoy photos of my first three attempts to crochet myself a hat. None of them fit my head, thought the last one was really close.

The first one. I tried to add stitches too fast and so it made really ruffled edges. We decided it would be best suited for a fancy monkey.

Instead, I gave it to Kyle.

The second one. This one would fit a toddler so I gave it to Adam to send to his nephew.

The third one. It would fit on my head if I shaved off all my hair, but I wasn't willing to do that, so I gave it to Kym. Now I'm out of yarn.


Karen Ramstead said...

I was trying to knit hats last fall. Didn't work so well for me, maybe I need to teach myself to crochet!!

Best of luck with your project!


Jessica said...

Ok no joke, I am skimming through random blogs on blogger and I came across yours...clicked on it because I used to mush, and see a familiar face! I used to work with Kym and Dustin back in the day. Crazy!

KD said...

Just so you know - I'm still waiting for my scarf...

whiskeyhudson said...

Hey Jill, It's Kerri Nuttall I am going to email you at so if you can, read it!! Pls. email me if I have it wrong!
TTYS Kerri (I know you have limited
time on the ground but you gotta read it)