Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Methamphetamine is just a fancy name for trouble

Ok, so I've been slacking on the blog. I have to go run dogs right now but stayed tuned. I've got stories and photos from the trail. Sam came with me on a training run on Saturday and though he was a little stiff, he was a big help and I think he might have even had a little fun (don't tell him that). We hacked down a Christmas tree from our yard and the house is looking very festive. Still no snow but we're coping.
Christmas cards are on the way...for those of you who haven't been kicked off the list...
I still need addresses for Gramma Rogers (you can email me), Libby, Theresa and Jeremy.


Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

Two - no, three - questions for you.

1) Are you and Sam coming to the bonfire Friday night? 9 pm at Hidden Hill on Goldhill.

2) Crunchies for me? Really?

3) How will your dogs be doing around March? I want to pay someone for a dog sled ride when my mother comes to visit, and I'd rather the $$$ go to a friend than to Chena Hot Springs.

AKbushbaby said...

Papa can you hear me? Please, no addresses, phone numbers etc..on the www. Thanks a bunch.
1)No. But thank you.
2)No. But nice try.
3)In March my dogs will hopefully be in fine race form for the Percy DeWolfe from Dawson to Eagle and back. I would consider giving rides for cash but be forewarned: I was a mushing tour guide in Finland last winter and my rule was: 'If you're an ass to me, I can make you cry in five seconds flat." I'm not saying your parents will be anything but lovely, but I just need to put that out there.