Saturday, May 19, 2007

If you don't like my mood, just wait five minutes

Some might say, and by some I mean me and sometimes Sam, that my mood swings are erratic. Much like the weather in Fairbanks. For example, just a couple short months ago it was 30 below zero here in the Golden Heart City, while today one downtown electronic temperature sign read 30 degrees Celsius (that's 86 Fahrenheit)! But, the heat is bearable because there is vitally no humidity. Just a few days ago it was cool and very windy while today was hot and calm. And while we're all out and about enjoying the warmth, this weather, if it keeps up, will inevitably cause a big problem: forest fires. There have already been a few small spot fires here and there but the fact is, it has been hot, dry and windy with no rain. Danger, Will Robinson. I'm actually not sure what my point is, so I'll change the subject.
The Sens won today which gives them a berth into the Stanley Cup final. Hooray!! It's times like these, and only these, that I wished I still lived close to Ottawa. There are a few hockey fans here, but they don't really care about the Senators. The sports guys here at the News-Miner are excited, but come on, they're sports guys, they love it all. One staff writer, we'll call him Danny, gave me the old knuckle tap when I walked in today and proclaimed 'they're partyin' in Parliament!' At first I thought he was going to tell me the Prime Minister had been assassinated, but no, it was news of the mighty Senators. Let's all pray to the hockey gods that Ottawa wins it all. (A moment of silence, please)
Let's see, what else?
Sam, JJ, Mark and I are talking our canoe, raft and kayak to the upper Chena River for a nice Sunday float tomorrow. Should be fun and I'm really going to try and not worry about all the stuff that needs to get done around the cabin in this, our already-fleeting summer. Sigh. I mean, look at all we did last summer: cleared land, driveway, foundation, cabin...surely we can get a few more things done, including a huge, fenced, hippy commune for my dogs, in the next couple of months, right? Sure.
Next Monday we leave for Portland for the National Press Photographers Association conference and multimedia workshop. We'll be gone for a week. I'm still in the process of interviewing potential candidates for dog-sitting. It takes a special person to scoop up my dogs' shit.
It looks like Ruffles isn't going to have any pups and Sneaky Pete has developed some sort of pancreas problem. Most likely, he'll be on meds for the rest of his life, which sucks, but he's got great potential and is really fun to have around, so I don't mind mixing in powdered enzymes to his food twice a day.
I'm still waiting for pics from John and Meg's wedding (JOHN!) and I'll post some of our river trip tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Heading back to the Pacific NW without even a shout to your friends in Seattle, ouch Jill AND Sam, ouch.

Anonymous said...

What about me for a potential dog sitter? Grant :)