Friday, May 04, 2007

Tara loves the Yankees...especially Jeter!

Tara left me a message saying that maybe the dogs won't pull me because I was wearing a Yankees hoodie. She is a closet Yankees fan, I just know it.
Well, as some might have noticed, I removed the comment option from my blog. The reasons, my friends, to two-fold. Actually, they're just one-fold. Single-fold? Whatever.
Anyway, besides the occasional asshole (sorry Gran) leaving unprovoked asshole (Sorry G) comments (hopefully we've solved that problem), I love, love, love getting comments from random people. I especially like the ones from my Gran and friends, but even the random comments from people I don't know are pretty cool. And comments that challenge me are also welcome, however, I am a little sensitive to random jerks. Yes, I'll admit that.
However, I have received two comments now from an animal-rights group in Florida, wait it gets better, telling me how the Iditarod is cruel.
First of all, I've never even done the Iditarod, or come close, or really have an ambitions of doing it, but I do have lots of friends who do it every year. They must be bothering me because they did a search for the words musher or sled dog.
Yes, there is cruelty that goes on in the world of dog mushing. There are bad seeds, so to speak. I, however, don't associate myself with those people. I surround myself with mentors who are as in love with their huskies as I am. I don't agree with, or condone mistreatment of animals but I do hunt and eat meat and wear leather and fur. Groups like this one in Florida simply distort and skew facts to the point where no one listens because their just too radical. I know, I know PETA is trendy right now and all the celebrities are members, but slapping a dress on a tiny dog and carrying it around in a Prada bag all day doesn't qualify you as a protector of animal rights. Again, there are bad things that happen to, not just sled dogs, but dogs of all sorts everyday and it's heart-breaking.
I have 10 dogs, two of which I rescued from certain death. If anything, my dogs, which are sled dogs, not pet dogs, are spoiled. Yes, they live outside. Yes, they eat raw meat sometimes. Yes, some are chained up. But, they all run loose every day and are happy, healthy, well-adjusted, hard-working huskies. Anyone who knows me knows I would not be involved in something that would harm anything, especially animals. So, with that being said, on the advice of Libby, I'm putting comments back up and when those radical 'sled-dog advocates' down in Florida (where dog mushing is huge, by the way...NOT!) put up their propagada websites and rhetoric, you all can judge for yourselves. I invite anyone who questions what I'm doing with the dogs to come and see for can sleep on the couch, but you'll have to share it with Bull and Ruffles.


Anonymous said...

YAY! I comment... um... well, I have nothing to say. But I'm glad I have the freedom to say... nothing. OK, let me think harder. I think you're a great dog-momma and Sam's a great baby daddy to your dogs. -lib

Anonymous said...

Interesting, a Candian marrying a Midwestern born Yankee and moving to the land of Free Speech and then editing some jerk's comments. Irony; Cruel and Gentle Things. I could go on and on. See you at the end of the month and looking forward to meeting you Jillian.

AKbushbaby said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you, too. And Robin. And Vali.
I guess that's the reason I put comments back on: I get my chance to spout off and people should be able to respond. However, I don't use my blog to be mean or insult people and therefore expect people not to be mean or insult me. Too much to ask? I guess it is. I'm the one putting myself out there.
It's just a benign blog to keep friends and family apprised of our modest lives. I am a little too sensitive, yes, but that's me. And, well, f**k it, if I don't like what someone says, I delete it. If someone doesn't like what I say, don't bloody-well read it.

Anonymous said...

It's your blogspot and you are the master of it. Power to you. People say and do the nastiest things when they have anonymity. Another example of not taking responsibility for one's actions.

JaniceFBX said...

Hi Jillian,
Thank you for the great article that ran on the AP today about sled dogs and the Fairbanks Animal Shelter. There are so many facets to the problem; overbreeding, not enough homes, shortage of vets that will provide inexpensive spay/neuter. What really burns me up is a dog that is dumped at the shelter because he's "not fast enough". Is it much different than the plight of greyhounds or racehorses? A dog who is "not good enough" for one musher may become a star in someone else's kennel; let's hope the dogs will get an opportunity to shine and be valued and loved.
Best regards,
Janice, North Pole