Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Enamoured with the tea bag

In a couple short weeks, the blog turns one. Happy Birthday, blog! A week after that, I turn 30, which is obviously much, much more important. (Thanks for the card, Gran, it was perfect and made my day.)So, if anyone wants to celebrate the blog's birthday, the blog's vessel (our old, tired laptop) could use a younger, more sharp-witted companion. Just a suggestion.
This morning Bull decided to have another little adventure with the dogs across the road. Ruffles, the rapidly-decaying sheep, followed along until she just couldn't keep up anymore. Sam retrieved her from across the street and called for Bull but to no avail. About an hour later, Bull returned with a big flap of skin missing from his shoulder. I was still in bed. So, when I woke up and was given the report, I got to work stitching up Bull's wound...before I even had my morning coffee! The device, a 'skin stapler,' I was using got jammed and I had to rush to the feed store to get another one and some more disinfectant. So, Bull's pouting on the couch now, but is all stapled up and almost as good as new. The dogs are back into their routine now that we're back from Portland: eat, poop, play, run free, tackle Petey, tackle me...
I went up North to pick up the puppies on Monday night and ended up going for a loose run with Gwen and Julie and about 40 sled dogs, Sneaky Pete and Parker included. They had a great time as us three girls walked the three-mile loop, occasionally calling the herd back to do a head count. Pete and Parker managed to keep up with the big boys pretty well. Pete got roughed up a couple times and ran back to my truck but returned a few minutes later. Parker tried to be tough but got rolled on her back a couple times by some more-alpha females. The pups were pooped on the drive back home and fell asleep on top of each other on the way to town. Raven's got some sort of bug or a possible obstruction in her digestive tract, and she's got an appointment with the vet next week. I've been monitoring her temperature daily which has been slightly above normal (yes, I have put the themometre up her butt). Petey might have a condition with his pancreas that would cause him to be on medication for the rest of his life. He too is being monitored constantly and will go in for blood work next week. Strider got stung by a bee which caused an abscess on his back, which has since erupted. I held him under a water jug and washed it out and he didn't flinch once...more than I can say for Bull, who's still pouting, by the way.
There have been several grizzly bear sightings close to town recently. Three bears have been shot in defense of life/property in the last three weeks with the most recent being just a mile or so from our house. Gulp.
I got a call this morning from the Associated Press and I'll be shooting state baseball Thursday, Friday and Saturday along with working nights at the paper. Sam's aunt, uncle and cousins get into town Friday and so I'm going to try and juggle them into the mix. I'm really looking forward to meeting them.
This is too long already so that's it for now.

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