Monday, June 11, 2007

I do not want what I haven't got

Mock. Yeah! Ing. Yeah! Bird. Yeah!
That song has been stuck in my little head for hours. I used to be able to get any annoying riff out of my head by breaking into the 'Hockey Night in Canada' theme song, but it's just not working.
So last night we had Aunt Olive and Uncle Pat, cousins Patti and Elden, JJ, Eric, Becky, Eli, Ella, Steve, Meg, Greg and Sondra over for a salmon and moose barbecue. Sam's family leaves today on their Alaskan cruise, so we wanted them to meet the friends and taste some moose meat. It was a good time, Sam's family is really nice, but I think I'm going to have this perma-grin for a while. I just smiled and smiled and smiled...and smiled. Seeing Sam in action with the fam always makes me love him just a little more. We made a big fest of moose kabobs, grilled salmon, quinoa with avocado and raisins, bread, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.
Greg and Sondra brought Frosty (their toy poodle) over and even though he's been here lots, last night he decided to grow his balls back and stepped into Hazel's circle. Luckily, she's shy and was hiding in her house because of all the people. That didn't stop him. He pretty much jumped up in her house, tail wagging. I almost had a heart attack. Gus was close by just waiting for lil' Frosty to step within striking distance. Sister too. They wanted a poodle snack and the look in Gus' eyes (he's usually my sweetest boy) was weird. Finally, after Frosty stepped into Gus' circle and Gus' lunged for him. I had to walk away. They put Frosty on a leash after that. Believe me, I'm all for my dogs having fresh meat, but....yeah.
Baseball ended with Sitka winning the championship for the third straight year. Go Wolves!
Sam's friends get into town Tuesday and we start all over again. Thursday we're taking them to the Gulkana Glacier for a hike. Should be fun. Can I get a witness? (They're JWs)

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