Monday, September 24, 2007

Autumn visitors

It's getting cold now. My flowers are dead, but my spirits are high. Well, sort of. Libby's leaving for Iceland tomorrow and that makes me sad, but she'll only be gone for a few months and I'm super stoked for her. This will be a new and exciting twist in her already full life. I'll miss you Libby.
Yesterday, Sam and I were working on the house when a mama moose and her two calves stopped by for a visit. They were so close and weren't bothered at all by the screaming, crazy dogs all around them or by me snapping away and speaking softly to them. We've seen this mama and her babes periodically throughout the summer and it's been neat to watch them grow. It is a little disturbing, however, to see how fearless they are because inevitably they'll be around all winter when I'm out with the team. Anyway, here are some pics of mama and one of her babes, the other was a little shutter shy and didn't come out of the brush for her closeup. Ruffles, my blind, deaf old biddy, wandered a little too close at one point because, well, she didn't see or hear them I guess. But I wrangled Ruffles back into the house where she cuddled up with her armless monkey (Sister ripped the arms off the monkey several months ago) and fell asleep, oblivious to how close she came to getting kicked by the moose.

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Anonymous said...

Missing monkey parts must run in the family. Buddy's monkey is missing its tail - he ripped it off himself!!

Mere xo