Friday, September 28, 2007

Beeee careful out there, lady!

Ok. I have a lot of video clips from the past couple of years but this is one that stands out in my mind as funny/stupid/ridiculous. This clip was shot last summer by Sam and unbeknownst to me. We had a hornet problem (that's putting it lightly) around town and these meat-eating fuckers were everywhere (sorry Gran). Processing fish was impossible without shelter, dog food wasn't safe, I mean it, the hornets invaded. So anyway, after the mushing season, I chucked my dog sled on the lawn (Liz's lawn, actually. We were still living in the tiny crack shack on Goldhill Road). So, in July, I finally got around to cleaning out the sled to store it properly and, wonder of all wonders, the winged buggers had built their nests in my sled. So, instead of doing the sane thing and spraying it down with bug-killing stuff, or just waiting for them to vacate, I wanted to destroy and conquer...with two broken trail markers. So, here I am in all my wasp-killing glory. The thing I like about this video is not my throaty yowl, but Bully, calm as always, in the driveway. Then the randomness at the end it really too much. I hope you all find this as funny as Sam and I did.


Theresa said...

The thing I love is that in the beginning it looks like you're talking sweetly to the bees. I mean, the mother-sucking wasp devils. High. Lair. Eeeee. Us.

Jeremy Smith said...

Agreed. Very funny.