Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's a Wrong-kind-of-Jockey Christmas

Happy Boxing Day!
Well, the party was a success. We had about 20 or 25 people filter in and out through the course of the Eve. A nice big bonfire, good food and lots (too much) to drink. The dogs pretty much entertained the kids that came, starting with lil' Owen who I took on his first dog-sled ride. I hooked up Capiche to my little sled and she pulled Owen, who was on the runners, down the driveway and back. Congratulations, Owen for mushing like a pro and not falling off. Look out Lance Mackey!
The rest of the kids wandered through the yard passing out treats to my dogs and we eventually let them loose two at a time to run around. Like all our parties, the crowd was a good mix of mushers, media-types and other random souls. The Mackey-clan even made an appearance and I was able to talk dogs with Lance for a bit.
Later in the night a Christmas villain arrived and tried to steal Christmas. You may not know of El Bobcho Libre, but he is a fierce nemesis of Christmas (see pics below).
Christmas Day, Sam and I woke up late, ate waffles, opened gifts (thank you very much Mum and Dad, we loved everything.) and then realized the turkey was still frozen solid. We scrapped the turkey-dinner plan, hooked up two teams and took off mushing for the afternoon. Sam was awesome on the back of the sled considering the bumpy, windy trails.
We came home, ate leftovers from the party and fell asleep full and tired.
I hope you all had a great day.
Peace.Roy started out being a well-mannered, sweet Christmas puppy.

That soon went to shit and he turned into a little brat. His new favourite game is ripping stuff off the fridge and shredding it. He stays away from the tree after he chewed on the lights and electrocuted himself.

Later in the evening.

The spread.

My homemade truffles.

Happy camper.

First the villain beat up Santa.

Then he stole our booze.

Mark to the rescue!

Christmas morning!

After a long night and day, the couch dogs were pooped. Roy fell asleep with his new favourite toy: a stuffed, squeaky mailman that my parents sent.


Jill Homer said...

Great site! I have only read the first few posts so far, but I love it. Running dogs seems like a ton of fun, and a ton of work. I have a hard enough time keeping my bike together in the "warm" temperatures of Juneau - I can't imagine trying to control a half-dozen or more excited puppy dogs in 30-below temperatures. Cool!

I have a lot of respect for dog mushers because I feel like I understand some of your passion. I look forward to reading more and gleaning some well-needed info about your cold weather gear.

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Hey you allow comments now !

Seasons Greetings from Brockville

Gary (you know, Deb's Gary)

Anonymous said...

I just noticed what Roy the Ripper was chewing off the fridge..... that looks like the invite to Pa's 60th. I guess Roy was thinking the same thing.... "turning 60 .... tear it up and spit it out - p'tew"

Happy New Year to you, Sam and all the little ones at Spitfire Kennels.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jillian,

I got your Christmas card. Thanks for thinking of us. I wish I was that organized. Your blog has really developed since I last visited it. It's beautiful with your photography.

Sorry I didn't get to see you again before you left Skagway. Sounds like you enjoyed it enough to come back again next summer. Or no?

I started a blog as well. I don't have a passion like dog mushing to write about, but facebook became to unhealthy for me, so I started a site for my family to keep up with my life. I hope to just keep writing for the sake of writing and hopefully over time I will get better. Check it out:

K, take care, happy new year, happy mushing, happy fucking forty below!!!!!!!!