Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just because I can, so I do

Well, I got up today and the mercury had plummeted to 36 below zero at our house. I got bundled up in umpteen layers of fleece, wool, synthetic and shoved chemical warmers in every pocket, nook and cranny. I tinkered with my sled for a while, set up the drop lines and dug out the dog coats before I finally decided it was too bloody cold to run the team. It's not supposed to be any warmer tomorrow, but I have to take them out, so I've delayed the freezing of the nips for another day. Meanwhile, I brought some dogs inside to thaw out and we listened to Christmas music, did the dishes, futzed around the cabin and I did some chiropractic work on a few of the dogs. Sister got into the Christmas packages while I was outside chopping meat and came out with a pair of socks and a squeaky toy meant for Bully from my parents. Bull didn't care but Sister and Roy fought over it for a while until I took it away from both of them.
I've decided on a Christmas-Eve-party menu...ahem...meatballs, baked brie with cranberry chutney, tomato-feta kabobs, salmon dip, shortbread-jam thumbprint cookies, fudge, orzo salad with black beans and a spicy cilantro dressing, and mini quiches. Hooray! That reminds me, whoever is in Fairbanks and reads the blog, stop by for some good eats and spiced (spiked) cider. Email for directions to the cabin. We'll have a rippin' bonfire, dog sled rides for the kids (until I start drinking) and, for the brave, sauna!
Here are photos of Roy that I made more fun with my Photoshop prowess. Yeah, I was a little bored today...come on, it's almost 40 below!

Because I think it's funny.

Yes, he was really chewing on a wooden candy cane and no, his eye is not supposed to be that big.


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention what Bully's toy was... I thought it was hillarious when I bought it!! And STOP letting your kids chew on my Christmas presents. That candy cane was a group of 3 last year. Has lil' Roy eaten the other two too?? He needs a talk'n to.
Don't make me come up there to demonstrate my "freakish upper body strength".
PS - Your menu sounds awesome.:)

PS - Want some snow to go with your -36F? 40cm in one dump.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Nice menu! Wish I could afford a plane ticket back up there. Although I'm not sure how I'd handle cold temps after being gone for a while... I'm sure you don't want to hear how warm our pool water is right now, so I won't tell you.

Karen Travels said...

40 below! Oh my goodness. Seriously, does spit freeze before hitting the ground when its that cold?

It hit 60 this afternoon in Charlotte...100 degrees warmer! But I envy you in those conditions, and can't wait to try it next year...although I am thing more along the lines of Anchorage.