Saturday, December 08, 2007

OK, I get it now (I still don't get it)

My good friend Karen, and by good friend I mean stranger, tagged me. Now, I've been tagged before (wink) but didn't really know what the hell it meant. Apparently now I'm supposed to list seven random, weird things about me and then tag seven other people. (SIDEBAR: Sam was just futzing with the wood stove and got soot on his hands which he rubbed on his face. Now it looks like he has a unibrow. I haven't told him yet.)
OK, back to this tag thing. I guess I'll list seven random things about me first. Karen, I hope you still read me after this. (My name is Jill, by the way. Jillian Rogers. Pleased to meet you.)

Here we go.
1) I hate balloons. It's a phobia really. Hate them. The smell, the sound, the inevitable pop...hate them. Mylar balloons I can handle, but I'd rather just have cake.
2) I hate frogs and toads. I'm glad I live in Alaska where they are more rare. I just got a chill thinking about the tree frogs stuck to the back door of my childhood home. And the toads that would sit on the front step waiting for me to come home at night. They'd flash their knives and I'd give them my money. Stupid toad gangs. I can shoot a gun, stitch up a wounded dog, clean up doggie diarrhea, spend days outside a 40 below, but put a frog (or balloon) in front of me and I screech like a howler monkey.
3) I'm a compulsive paper roller-upper. I tear off tiny pieces of paper (the corners of my notepad, books, whatever's in front of me) and roll them between my fingertips into tiny tubes which litter the floor and counter around my workspace. The tiny tubes clog up the keyboard and this habit used to drive people crazy at the newspaper where I worked in Whitehorse. And now it drives Sam crazy.
4) I had OCD as a kid, but in my adulthood have done a complete 180. Sam calls me Messy Bessy for good reason.
5) I pick up frozen dog poo with my gloved hand. It's faster and it doesn't smell.
6) I have loved Elvis since my babysitter would set up the record player at the front window and blare Jailhouse Rock to us kids on the lawn who would dance until we couldn't catch out breath.
7) I love, love, love dill pickles and sour cream together.

So, I'm tagging Dave, Stacey, Phoebe, Jeremy, Brian, Sue and Kelly!
So, um, I guess now they write seven weird things about themselves...? Yeah, that's it.
My sister is labour!!! I'm going to be an auntie! She was in the hospital yesterday but they sent her home until she is a little more, um, gaping. If she has the bambino in the next week, the baby will be premature and will have to stay in the hospital. She's really uncomfortable and a little freaked out, but otherwise good. Hang in there, Dana. We love you!


Karen Travels said...

Ha!! Thanks for playing!!

Anonymous said...

The decline in the frogs is a concern?

AKbushbaby said...

Um, not for me. Did you not read the post? Screeching...howler monkey...etc etc...
I'm pretty sure frogs, toads and amphibians in general are not as abundant here as in southern places. It's cold here.

dogsled_stacie said...

AH crap, thanks a lot...

Actually I usually um, ignore the tag thing, but let me see what I can come up with. If I think REAL hard I might just come up with a weird thing or two...

I do love the frog/balloon phobia! I think I should send you a frog in a balloon for xmas!

PS - does Sam still have the unibrow?

Anonymous said...

Frogs are declining everywhere.

AKbushbaby said...

Ok. Thanks for that. I will sleep better tonight with that very detailed information.

Marty b said...

Say Jill, there was an article in our Sunday paper about dog sledding and weekend camping up in New England. The author was enamored by the quietness of the experience. Being a midwesterner all my life, I have never witness a dog team except those shown in movies or TV, but I guess I expected the dogs to "talk" while on the trail. Question: are the dogs quiet while running the sled?

I enjoy your blogs and check for them every day. Keep up the good flow. Marty b

AKbushbaby said...

Hi there Marty. Good question. When you're hooking up the team, they're screaming and barking and lunging but as soon as you pull that hook, they are silent. I can't count how many times I've been clipping down the trail and come up behind a skier or someone walking their dog and scared the crap out of them because they didn't hear us coming. The only sounds the team makes are very subtle ones: The quiet hiss of the runners on the snow, the jingle of the dogs' collars, the panting of the dogs...but otherwise nothing...unless of course I'm seeing lots of moose and then I'm singing my scare-away-moose songs at the top of my lungs. I try not to chatter too much to the dogs because then they tend to tune you out when we actually are giving them a verbal command. So it's quiet. And lovely. If you ever make it here, I will take out with the team.

Coldfoot said...

You tagged me? Thank you, I guess. I also am kinda iffy on this tagging thing.

I not only play, collect and blog about boardgames. I am old enough to know any one of these things makes me a social outcast, and I do it anyway.

The tagging thing might make me respectable. Don't even want to go there.

Anonymous said...

Well, that explains the three mini tubes of paper stuck in my keyboard.