Friday, January 18, 2008

Solstice 100: Bring it on!

I'm trying to be brave. Really trying. But I'm scared. Not scared, nervous. My first 100-mile race is tomorrow. I worked on my sled until 11 last night. New runner plastic, tighter brake, more secure drag, clean sled bag. All my gear is packed. In the sled, which is not yet loaded on the truck. My sled weighs a ton. I've got all my mandatory gear: an axe, snowshoes, cold-weather sleeping bad, cooker, fuel, dog booties. I've got three different kinds of meat for the dogs: liver, beef fat and race mix. I've got kibble, both dry and soaked. There's some food for me and extra clothes and boot liners (there's open water, I hear). I've got extra lines and harnesses and dog coats, even though it's supposed to be warm this weekend. I've got a vet kit and a sled-repair kit. A knife and multi-tool.
The lineup is as follows: Bully and Capiche in lead. Kat and Strider in swing. Sister and Sally. Summer and Hitchcock. And Happy and Hazel in wheel.
I plan to stop after the first 25 miles and give out some liver. Then it's 27 miles to the checkpoint for a mandatory four-hour layover. Depending on how the dogs look coming in, and how well they eat and rest, I might stay longer. Then it's 50 miles to the finish.
I feel like I'm forgetting something. God, I need to calm down. I have to work for a few hours tonight. I guess it's better than sitting around worrying.
I just want to finish, I don't care if I'm last. Just finish with happy dogs. That's my goal.
OK, I'm going out to recheck everything.


JElsie said...

Good luck on your race tomorrow!

I was browsing blogs by those of us in Alaska and I came across yours! I love it! Small world, I love photography too! And I just recently finished house-ssitting a home with 11 sled-dogs! What a bunch!

Let me know and I'll put your blog as a link on the side of mine, I'm sure a lot of people I know would also enjoy your stories!

Take care!


Theresa said...

Good luck. Good luck.
I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck from Uncle Buck.
I read your Blog and re-live some great memories!