Saturday, July 26, 2008

I want to do right, but not right now

Over the past couple months, I've acquired several nicknames here in Skagtown. Some are funny, some are lame and some make no sense at all. Meh.
Rich calls me Scrilla, as in Scrillian...I don't know. Joe calls me Hollywood because I'm on the phone a lot...(not true). Tom calls me Fudley. I have no idea why. Clark calls me Jillyean (with a thick, horrible French accent). Jeff and La call me Jillain (with a thick, horrible southern US accent) because my name was misspelled that way on the schedule one day. Karen, my boss, calls me Jillybean. Luke, the maintenance guy, calls me 'That Canadian.' Other than that it's just Jillian. Or Bitch.

So, things are going well here still. Today, I took some dogs to a vet who's here from Alabama. It just reassured me that I frackin' hate pet vets. Anyway, Summer's not prego. It was a false pregnancy. She got fat, got milk, dug a nest, stopped eating...then, nothing. She started to dry up and lose weight and I just scratched my head and wondered what the hell happened. So, no Summer babies. Capiche may be preggers, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
As the summer rolls on, I really find that I'm having ups and downs. Some days I love the tourists and some days I want to kill all of them. Most times they're not too bad. I am getting a little weary of all the inane questions. It's the same ones day in and day out. And some are really fucking stupid. But my buddy Tom reminded me the other day that this is all new for these folks and we should take this opportunity to educate people about what it is we do.
He's right. I can't ruin people's sled dog experience just because I'm in a funk. The dogs are still loving it here, though the smarter ones are starting to get a little bored. OK, I have tomorrow off too, so I'll post again with more details and hopefully some photos. Sorry the posting has been so sporadic.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jilly Bean I love that name it suits you .Glad to see a Blog from you at last hope everything is OK and keep smiling. Love Gran.

Anonymous said...

Canada Votes Now......
Scrilla, Hollywood, Fudley, Jillyean, Jillain, Jillybean, That Canadian, Jillian, Bitch.
Oh, I don't know, they all sort of suit you - except Bitch of course! It's fun when people give you a nickname - it means you're one of the pack. Enjoy the tourists.iakxa