Sunday, July 06, 2008

After winter, must come spring

Well, I'm officially in my 30s. I still can't handle my drink, but other than that, I'm content with where my life has gone. And where I have yet to go. I have today off and I'm walking around town taking it easy, mingling with locals and tourists alike. Thanks to all for the nice birthday wishes. I miss everyone. A lot. Especially my sweetie, Sam. Nothing really new to report. The days are rolling by. Summer is prego and is due in about two weeks. I'm really excited for her pups. I think she is too. She'll be a great mama. Sorry this is so short, I'll write more later.
Please help with puppy names. If you have suggestions, send a comment.


KD said...

kelly is a great name. p.s. happy birthday biatch.

Eero said...

I suggest "Coriolis." This is the force of rotating bodies in reference to each other, usually regarding rockets/shuttles leaving earth orbit and fighting the moving gravitational pull. Also known as Coriolis Effect.

Anyway, cool word. I'm an artist....just trying to get a painting out that I can give that word to as a title....makes me sound so smart.... :)


Libby said...

Um, P Casey?
Miss you!

tamra said...

Hey Jill,

Got any days off and coming by Whitehorse any time soon? Been a long time since we`ve seen you. Hope you`re still having fun there. Call me.