Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day

OK. I've comendeered the office computer and without further delay, I'd like to share some photos. Things are still going really well here. The tourists are actually pretty damn cool for the most part. I made a $100 tip the other day on one 20-minute tour.
The dogs are still enjoying it, though some are getting a little bored with it all. One of the mushers got fired yesterday so we're short a musher and two teams. That means the dogs are going to be running a lot more and we'll be making bank with all the overtime. I hope we find someone soon, though, just for the dogs' sake. If any mushers out there are reading this and need a very well-paying summer job, send a message. It's great for the dogs.
Lastly, I'd just like to remind everyone that it's my birthday next Saturday so if you haven't already put your packages in the mail, you better do it tomorrow. Of course I'm just kidding. (No, I'm not.)

The footbridge over the creek in front of the dog camp.

The spirit bear that hangs out near horse camp. Gawd I love this place.

My cabin. I love it! Sam was here last week and built me a bunch if shelves.

My girl Capiche with the wrong name tag on her house...She is a tough cookie...

Little Archer at home in the forest.

One of the many spectacular views.

Puppies being too cute as usual.

Musher Clark giving a kennel talk to the tourists.

A tourist lovin' up a sled dog after a tour.

Musher Cara and handler Laura on a tour.

Alex the dog.

Iditarod musher Rich. He finished 69th.


Karen Travels said...

Great pics! You are in Whitehorse, right? I will be coming through there around August 8th or 9th. I think. Maybe I will go on a tour!!

Glad to see you are having fun!

Subarctic Sam said...

D'oh! That's this July 5th....

...Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Mere said...

Package in the mail June 21st directly to your PO in Skagway.
Dana will call you this week. xoxo

jojo roxx said...

Great pictures...Is that a pile of snow in front of your cabin? Your pups are too cute! I so wish I was a musher in Skagway...

Anonymous said...

Jill... its Jay..Lefebvre.. so like i've been waiting like a week or 2 for an email for you and i still havent gotton anything.. i really want to come up to alaska with ya. like im actually pumped and i dont even know a thing. it'd be pretty sweet if i could talk to ya soon to get a scoop on details and stuff. please email me soon.... ... thanks dude

Anonymous said...

like anytime now would be great! .. oh and happy early birthday... from everyone.

Jay Lefebvre

Anonymous said...

Hi Jilly Inger and I wish you the best of birthday:s and stay sober. We loved the pictures and hope you will have time for more later. So glad Sam came up to see you and that you are enjoying Scagway. Loys of Love Gran xxxxxx.

Libby said...

It's your birthday!!! Hope you're enjoying it. Look forward to talking with you. Miss you terribly. I saw Theresa today and was remembering your surprise birthday party last July and what fun it was... and your beaver cake, which you made thinking we were celebrating Canada Day.

Theresa said...

Yeah, what Libby said. I wished you a happy birthday, like a MONTH ago. But here's the real deal. Happy, Happy Birthday, babe!