Monday, June 16, 2008

Ritchie never met a bike that he didn't want to ride

OK! Here I am. Back again. In a really, really annoying wireless place. I hope you guys appreciate it. I actually don't have that many photos but I'll add more later. Like it or lump it. Things are going really well here in Skagtown. The dogs, as they have been since the start, are awesome. As much as I like to poke fun at the tourists, I have actually met some really, really cool people. Cool people on the cruise ship? Why, yes! People who are genuinely interested in what it is I do and wish me good luck in my future races in earnest. I like those people and those are the tourists I turn my attention to. Some of the guests we get though are really, really big douche bags. The ones who ask me why PETA doesn't get involved or the ones who ask if the dogs are in which I respond 'if pulling this cart around was hurting them, do you really think they'd be wagging their tails, you halfwit??' I don't say the halfwit part of course, but I would love to.
The bears are out in force but so far, without any incidents. I still like the people I work with, for the most part and I've got this job down pretty good, I'd say.
I think Capiche might be knocked up. She got bred by Drake, a good leader I bought from Dan Kaduce. If she is prego, it'll be a good breeding, so I'm OK with it. The dogs are changing here. They're getting stronger and becoming more responsive to me. I spend every day, all day with them and it's probably the best job I've ever had. I get paid well to hang out with dogs all day. I'm really excited for this winter and the racing season. Anyway, I'll write more later. Here are some random pics from first few days here. WAIT! The photos are not uploading and I'm ready to set this laptop on fire, so no photos....again. Sorry.


Mary said...

Sporadic posts, no photos. You've changed since you went to Skagway. It's like I don't even know you anymore.

The Marlin isn't the same without you. Of course, things may be strange there because I keep showing up in ever-more-bizarre outfits.

Erin Alaska said...

i get the same annoying cruisers you do, but I also get the really gracias, cool ones. Like you said they genuinely want to know what you have to say and how life is in alaska. I have bear problems too, oh alaska summers! glad to know you're still loving it all. has your hubby come yet?

Carolyn H said...

Well, as long as you can upload photos by the time the puppies arrive, it'll be okay.

Carolyn H.

Anonymous said...

Wat up homeslice. its jay ...lefebvre.. if ya dont remember. so i have a few questions for ya. think you can convince me to come live with ya?.. i was thinking on going to australia.. but. i tought of you and figured it'd be pretty tight bunkin up in alaska for 6 or so months. no idea just a thought ahah actually really thinking about it. if ya could get ahold of me ,somehow. email is ... or if ya have a phone number i could call. im seriously thinking about this so please get bak to me soon. later days.

Anonymous said...

Who is that loser Jay!