Saturday, May 31, 2008

I never met a Toby I didn't like

OK. I found a spot in town with wireless but forgot my power cord at the ranch so no photos yet. Soon. Stay with me here, people. The job is still going well but my team is slowing down a little. We had a weird Alaska heatwave here last week and it completely sapped my dogs. So much so that we had to get off the hill early because my dogs just wouldn't pull in the heat. Smart dogs. Other people's teams seem to be handling it better and the weather has cooled off today so let's hope for more cold and rain....I never thought I'd be saying that. Things are rolling along here. The tourists are still the same. Some are amazing and some are meh. Lots of questions, some good and some frustrating. Like when people ask if the dogs really like it. Um, do you really think they'd be wagging their tails and screaming like maniacs if they didn't? Duh. Probably the most-asked questions I get are 'Do you run these dogs on snow?' or 'Have you seen 8 Below?' or 'Why are they so small?'
Every freakin' day it's the same. Sometimes I take the time to explain everything and sometimes, if I'm tired or hot or both, I give the short answer. "Because." Just kidding. Sometimes I'll pawn off the really stupid questions on my handler. "That's a good question and Nick's going to explain the answer to you."
My handler will make up something that, if it's close enough to the truth, I'll let slide.
My little cabin on the bluff is perfect and the people, for the most part, are still loads of fun. Drama is unfolding every day and it's pretty funny to watch while trying to keep my fat yap shut and not get involved. Anyway, Sam's coming in a couple weeks and I'm really excited to see him. I've been missing him more and more lately, now that all the 'new job' fun is over and I'm settling into a routine.
I guess the only thing that I would change about my little cabin is to have an outhouse. Poopin' in the woods just ain't what it used to be now that the mosquitoes are awake and hungry. Enough said.


Michael said...

I must have brought the CA weather when I moved up here. It has been sunny and 70 for the last week! I don't know maybe I just brought Global Warming. Sounds like you're having a blast, can't wait to see photos!
-Namaste Fairbanks Girl

Michael said...

Sorry J, for the 'mike said' comment, I am under my husbands blog-
:) Juneau Eco Mommie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jilly you will have to buy some Off and spray you know what.We have the big ones in Ontario Bugs I mean. Take care up there I am glad that Sam is coming up to see you. Much Love Gran.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Stupid touron questions asked of denali bus park drivers:

"How big is the fence around the park?"

"Who feeds the animals in winter?"

"Can we pet the animals?"

I can only imagine questions you hear regarding sled dogs :) Although the one about asking if you run the dogs in the snow kinda sums it up, eh?

Subarctic Sam said...

This is not Jill but it is the outfit she is working for.

It's not like I am spending time online stalking my wife. I am busy fencing the dogyard. Honest

Theresa said...

Get this girl an outhouse. That whole "pooping and scooping your own" thing sounds a little whack. I miss you more everyday, Jill. Happy Birthday, by the way.

jojo roxx said...

but forgot my power cord at the ranch so no photos yet...

WAH?!?!? Get it together grrl! Your fans await! I bet you could maybe train one of the pups to go back and "Fetch the cord King. It's time to upload...!" ??

Great YouTube Video BTW