Friday, May 09, 2008

We sure are cute for two ugly people

I wish I had a wireless connection so I could post photos. I ran into a tree with my face a couple days ago and have a huge gash on my cheek. Apparently it makes me look tough. Then, yesterday, I got bit by Parker trying to break up a fight and have big bruises and punctures on my forearm. Other than those mishaps things have been going rather well. I've had a couple shiny, happy fits of rage but that's just because hooking up 16 dogs is freakin' stressful, especially when your boss is standing there telling you to hurry. (Plus, I'm PMSing)
The tourists have been really great and the dogs are having a fantastic time. I love my cabin up on the cliff and the people are actually pretty dang nice. I've learned to tune out the obnoxious ones. I've been driving the mosterous cart that holds the (mostly fat) tourists and haven't crashed it yet. I did hit a rock pile and yesterday I took out a water bucket but I just made a joke about getting extra points for hitting the buckets and we all laughed in that fake-touristy kind of way. I'm really getting into this.
Tomorrow I do kennel talks for the morning which means I just blather on about mushing and my adventures and racing etc. Should be fun. I'm going to have Bully there as a model sled dog. Yesterday Bully bit the end of Hershey's (a borrowed dog) tail off. Hershey didn't even notice and he wagged his tail, spraying blood all over everything. Bully just sat there smiling. I wrapped the tail and popped some antibiotics in Hershey and today he's still as happy as ever. That's not like Bully to do something like that, but Hershey is pretty annoying and must have stuck his butt in Bull's face one too many times.
Let's see what else?
I guess that's it for now. It's beautful here and the dogs are almost as happy as they are in winter, so therefore I'm happy.
Miss you, Fairbanks!


Libby said...

OMGGirl, thank God Bully didn't bite off your tail. Did you end up bringing a mirror? Do you look adorable, like a pirate, with your dings and bang-ups? Miss you lots. Today was the first really warm day in Fbx. I'm trying to take the bus to work on Farmer's Loop... would be more fun to ride your doggy cart to work everyday. Like Artemis. You watch that Bully and make sure he don't bite the tails o' none o' them tourists now.

Johnny G said...

I am recommending you purchase some bracers:,

they look cool and will protect you from dog bites and evil warlords. Oh- and wear an eyepatch.

Jill Homer said...

Hey Jill,

I'm planning on ferrying up to Skagway for a couple days within the next couple weeks. It would be cool to meet you and all those puppies of yours if you have some time to spare. It would be a Thursday or Friday in May. Let me know.

- Crazy cyclist Jill from Juneau

Anonymous said...

You may miss Fairbanks, but you and Bull belong in Hollywood ...
Bonnie and Clyde...Thelma and Louise... what a story that would make! Enjoy the tourists summer will be over before you know it. Can hardly wait for the stories. Mere xo

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

When do we get pics???? Waaaah! Oh, yeah... when you find a wireless connection in Skagway, right?

Anonymous said...

Bully's mouth isn't big enough to bite off her tail. Maybe a hungry Polar, but a itty-bitty dog?
You seen that sumbitch lately? It's HUGE!
All the fat, tourist jokes you make are disgusting. They're paying to goof off and try to disguise it as a job.
You ought to sign up for the most judgmental blog next year.
Nice job on the smoking cessation project.

AKbushbaby said...

Most judgmental? Thank you very much, but sadly, I'm not there yet. I'll keep trying though, just for you dear anonymous reader.

The Dunns said...

Don't listen to Mr/s. Anonymous. S/he never has anything nice to say!

Just found your blog. Very entertaining. Enjoying a beautiful, so-far-bugless spring in Fbx. It's fun reading about you and your dogs in Skagway. Thanks!