Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tyler Michaels got fired!

I just have to start by saying that I have the best blog readers in the world! Thanks, guys and gals for boosting my already-inflated ego. I love you all. Skagtown is fan-freakin'-tastic. Except of course that Tyler (a horse guide) actually did get fired and I'll miss him and his big white dog named Clifford. I think that Tyler getting canned is the only gossip...oh, Nick and Tessa hooked up after the company party on Saturday. And Joe got laid. OK, that's all I know, I swear. Today I ran a team in the morning with some really nice guests and did kennel talks in the afternoon. That's where I stand in front of the group and talk about mushing, my experiences and introduce them to one of my dogs. Usually I use Bully, but today I took Hitchcock and she was a superstar. I totally love my job and I haven't been able to say that in earnest in a really long time. It's been hot and sunny here which is great for me but hot for the dogs. I threw Bully in the creek today. He's still pouting. I think I'm have a bit of a pre-mid-life crisis. Everyone here is in their early '20s and though I get along with them all great and can relate surprisingly well, the age gap still bugs me a little bit. For the first time in a while, I wish I was five years younger. But then Sam would be 20 years older then me and that's just creepy. Sigh. OK, photos to come, I promise. Hang in there. I've been preoccupied with this dog thing. I think this job will provide a good opportunity to snag a few sponsors for my Yukon Quest plight. Maybe even Iditarod? Yikes. I get nervous just thinking about it and it's years away.
Anyway, time to go back to Dyea. I love it here.


Marty b said...

Ah good, another day off and another blog. I was starting to have withdrawels aas I really enjoy tracking your experiences. Glad to see you are still enjoying the summer job. How's the clean ash tray project coming? Or shouldn't I ask.

Marty b

jojo roxx said...

NorCal checking in on my fantasy job. You sure are a lucky grrl! I really dig hearing stories about your pups, and all the crazy colleagues ...if we can call them that... at your new job. ;}