Saturday, October 04, 2008

A firm grasp on what little she knows

If I hear the word Maverick one more time, unless it's accompanied by 'Goose or IceMan,' I'm going to set something on fire. Oh yeah. You betcha. *wink*
Some are calling Palin's performance at the VP debate 'A win for low expectations.' I mean, I guess it's good that she didn't spontaneously burst into flames (is it?) but that's about all she managed to accomplish: not dying. Low expectations indeed.
It was embarrassing and that's all I'm saying about that.
Now, on to more important things. Me!
It's taken a few days, but I am settling back into my comfy life in Squarebanks. Pooping in an outhouse instead of the woods is heaven. Having a wood stove that keeps the cabin warm though the night? Luxury! A full size propane stove and a sort-of real kitchen? Forget about it!
It's 5F right now and I'm stoked to start training. I took the new four-wheelie out yesterday to scope out the trails. I got stuck twice, had to walk three miles home to get the come-along and then walk back to winch myself out of the bog. Needless to say the swamps aren't quite frozen enough for training. Any day now, though.
So I got some new dogs and am up to 22 now. 19 of those are potential race dogs.
Here they are in no particular order...
Sneaky Pete
Plus Roy and Gus and Carol who are too freakish, too fat, and too old, respectively.
The rest of the mongrels are in fantastic shape but are getting antsy to get moving again. I've been letting most of them loose each day but I need to get them in harness.
I've put in an order at for 1,500 booties and already spent $900 at Coldspot on dog food and a couple of houses.
(Segue neatly into the sponsorship plight.)
I want to try and get sponsors this year. But am still mulling the idea of how to offer the most for my potential sponsors whilst not consuming all my energy on making donors happy. I want it to be win-win for all involved.
Jodi - gal pal, marathoner, musher - was talking about offering guided trips at the end of the race season for those who gave a certain amount of cash. I might steal that idea. Any ideas or thoughts are more than welcome on how to get this ball rolling. For example, if you gave money or time or an in-kind donation, what would you want in return? If anything, of course.
Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for winter. Setting up ganglines, mending harnesses, etc. Now all I need is a pressure!
Well, on with the photos.


Lindsey said...

I have a really random question - how to you get the booties to stay on the dogs? We have a dog that we take winter hinking/camping and it just seems like we are constantly putting them back on. Is there a trick to it or is that why you order so many? Good luck with the winter season!

jojo roxx said...

how to you get the booties to stay on the dogs? velcro, need so many b'cuz they wear out like crazy. I read, something like 50 miles. But of course I'd have to defer to the expert AKbushbaby. I am glad to see you got your bitchy whiny (potty mouth too, I might add) butt home from Skagway. You're my tourist toting mushing hero - you did it! woo hoo!

...and I lOVe love love your blog, and all your cutie sled pulling pups! Condolences at the loss of your old pal, Ruffles.....:( and congrats on securing a larger team! Some of us have to be happy with just two isn't easy.

You are a lucky musher, stay safe! and good luck on your racing season...I'm thinking about incentives for sponsorships too, but all I can come up with is a team of genuine huskies ! ..that's what i would want...

Anonymous said...

He better be working on both our sleds this weekend :)
Now all we need is snow!

AMIE said...

Maybe with that new Iditarod show on Discovery that starts this month there will be a big interest in mushing. Maybe you could be THE mushing site out there that people can read and follow along with, then throw up a 'donation' button and some advertising on it. ??? More pictures maybe...nothing like goofy, silly, beautiful sled dogs to entice the donors! You could have like a picture a day with a FEED ME over it or something!

Good luck!