Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm never lonesome when I'm by myself

So Sam's gone to Indy for the FFA conference and it's just me and the dogs. My friend Rich is in town getting some dog stuff done, so at least I have some company, even if it is Rich.
I've been running the dogs often and we're up to 8-mile runs. I think I'll bump them up to 10 or 11 today. The weather's been cool and clear. Perfect for the huskies. The dogs are doing really well. I think running them this summer was the best thing I could have done for them. My new dogs are really fitting in nicely and the trails are perfect right now. I can leave from the yard and run over the frozen swamp on the sprint trails with the ATV.
Not much else to report, really. Here are a couple of photos from yesterday's dog run. Sam came with so I could take out 18 at once.


Jill Homer said...

I love how you use Modest Mouse lyrics as blog titles. I do that sometimes, too.

So are you and the pups running a version of the Quest this winter? (Do they have a shorter version? I wasn't sure)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jilly many thanks for the phone call and birthday wishes'I had a goos birthday Joe brought in a huge cake' so i shared it round here'.So glad you are back home now and sneding picturesnagain' Love to Sam. Love Gran.njefpffi