Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm turning in my old sinful ways

I did another 15-mile training run today - with the help of Lars - and it was uneventful. Which is good, I'm not complaining. Sneaky Pete has been running in lead with Capiche and he's turning into the superstar I expected. There was a lot of passing on the trail today as it's Sunday and the dog-walkers, skijorers and skiers were out in droves. The dogs did really well. Sister was in swing and lunged at a couple dogs as we passed by, but there were no incidents. Johnny Wagner, a photographer at the News-Miner, was out on the trail looking for a feature photo for tomorrow's paper. He was snapping away until he realized it was me on the four-wheeler. (I can't very well be on the front page of the paper, can I?) He emailed me a couple shots, so here you go. I think I'll train again tomorrow as I'm covering election day for the AP on Tuesday.

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