Friday, January 23, 2009

Hell's out for recess, baby!

I went out to Chatanika yesterday to do a 45-miler in the White Mountains. I left from Dan and Jodi's yard and it was perfect. Why in god's name haven't I been doing this all along. The run was great. It was a hard 45 (more like 42 actually) with steep, long climbs and crazy descents. There was glare ice and open water, wind on the summits and huge drifts. A little something for everyone, as Dan said. The dogs did so well, I was bursting with pride when we pulled in and all tails were wagging. I'm really, really excited about the Quest 300. I love this race thing and even though we're slow, my dogs rock! God, this is a lame post.
I'm tired.
And sore.
But happy.
I'm packing drop bags today. Again. Still. I'll head back to the Whites tomorrow for another run.

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dogsled_stacie said...

Not a lame post at all, it says it all!! See you at the Quest start(and vet checks!)