Saturday, January 24, 2009

Look man, I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe

I'm heading to the Whites today as soon as I can get it together. I'm driving to the Wickersham Dome trailhead because I'm getting a late start, I don't want to disturb the dogs at Dan and Jodi's when I return later tonight. I'll do a 52-mile run today and then tomorrow, just for fun, I'm doing a 20-mile race at the ADMA track. It'll be nice to run a fast 20 and be in the race atmosphere. Drop bags are coming along. I cut about 100 pounds of fish yesterday and still have beaver and turkey skins to cut. My booties are all done and I only need to purchase a few items (glove liners, batteries and heat packs) to finish off the drops. Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot how funny that movie really was. Thanks for the laugh. Mere xo