Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'll tell them I found Jesus, that should throw them off

I'm reading this book called 'Lamb. The Gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal' and it is funny. Rarely does a book make me laugh out loud, but this one does and often. So, I guess my point is: read it. It's been around for a while and I've been meaning to pick up for over a year now. I'm glad I did. You won't be disappointed. Unless of course, you are religious and then you might be offended, but I think you'll still laugh.
Anyway, here are some snapshots from the top of the world and one blurry one from a tour we had on Saturday. Despite all my complaining about the weather (it's 33 F right now) we live in a beautiful place.

Heading home in the setting sun. Peter and Hazel (two of the original six Spitfires) in lead. Sneaky Pete is finally coming around as a great leader.

Jason showed me some new trails on Sunday. It's a shame because I won't remember them...I never do...

Top o' the World...or least it feels like it.

Coming down.

Rich and guests on a Saturday morning tour. We have been so lucky with great guests.


~ Kirra ~ said...

A title to capture the imagination and the humour to tease an interest in the book.

Your excellent photo's allow the excitement of snow and the imagination of being on a trail.

Your blog is a captivated read.

Kathleen said...

Lamb made me laugh out loud, too! And that rarely happens to me. If you're interested in another Christopher Moore book, I recommend Practical Demon Keeping. Outrageous story with great characters. So, what kind of headlamp did you get? Sounds awesome!