Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No need to be coy, Roy

I'll be on the move again in a few weeks. I'm heading to the Medenhall Glacier in Juneau to work for Alaska Icefield Expeditions taking guests out on dog team across the glacier. I'm taking 20 of our dogs and borrowing 10 more from a friend in Willow. I'm really excited about this opportunity to have the dogs running, even if just a little, in the off-season. I'll miss the winery (saying that they've been good to me is the understatement of the century) but working with the dogs on a glacier is a chance I don't want to pass up. Rich will hold down the fort here and get our ducks in a row for next season. Roy, Audrey, Linus and Ty will stay here with Rich. This season is winding down but we still have tons of snow and we still have tours booked into April. Even though I couldn't get it together to race at all this year, I feel like we accomplished a lot with the dogs. They ran a lot with no pressure or stress and our little tour business has been more successful than we anticipated. We're excited to expand next season and get back into racing. Both Rich and I have a few races we want to do next winter and hopefully I can save enough money on glacier so I won't have to work much during the training/racing season.
More details to come.


Loon said...

Wow! Have fun, don't forget to write!

laura said...

Awesome, I worked as a handler for them, you'll love it!