Thursday, April 29, 2010

The rest is left unwritten

Well, after a sad and busy week, the final countdown to Juneau is on. There are just a few days left here in Homer before Rich and I pack up all the dogs (minus the pups and Roy) and hit the open road. We're taking three days to get to Haines before we hop on a ferry to Juneau and then I'll helicopter to my new home on the Mendenhall Glacier for FIVE MONTHS! On the way we'll stop in Willow at Russ Bybee's place to pick up 10 more dogs that I will care for on the glacier. Our friend Joe is making the trip with us and he and Rich will drive the truck back to Homer. We bought a large trailer and Rich and Joe build a new dog box on it so the dogs can ride in style and comfort. I will do my best to update the blog whilst in Juneau but I will only come down from the glacier for one day a week and that's if the weather cooperates. I am really excited about this new adventure. I can't wait to get started. I've got my sunscreen and glacier glasses packed, that's for sure! The weather here has turned warm and rainy but we squeezed one more run in with the dogs on Saturday and it was bliss. The snow is melting quickly but there is still about three feet and it's very slushy. I just finished writing dog bios for the Bear Creek Winery website and will post them on the blog, too. I'll try to post again from the road but connections may be scarce. Here are some photos from our last run.

Bully in single lead cooling off.

Strider rolling in the snow to cool off.

Our yearlings Ruby and Alice. They trot just like their dad!

Beautiful scenery.


Annie said...

You'll have a blast up there! I worked on the Juneau ice field last season (different glacier, different company) and loved it! I really enjoy your writing!

Annie said...

You'll like it up there! I worked in Juneau last season (different glacier, different company) and loved it! I really enjoy your writing!