Sunday, May 16, 2010

The sun no longer sets me free

Sorry for the delay, but I've been...LIVING ON A GLACIER!! Glacier life has been interesting. The weather changes on a dime and it's hard to stay dry...but all in all, it has been an adventure that I won't soon forget. I have that 'I-live-on-a-glacier' tan line around my eyes. But rather than bore you with lots of words, I've decided to post photos of our trip to Juneau and my first weeks on the Medenhall Glacier. The season is just getting underway so we're not that busy yet but oh, the tourists will come. And we can't wait! I've had some great people already...including, but not limited to, an awesome couple from Arizona. I miss Rich more than I could ever write here but I know he misses me just as much, so we're getting by. More on my next day on the ground.

Dog noses poking out at our first stop in Chistochina. We stayed with our good friends Darrin and Heidi after a long day of driving.

On the second night, we stayed at Kathleen Lake outside of Haines Junction, Yukon.

It was beautiful and secluded.

My two best boys: Rich and Bully.

Rich and Joe testing the ice on Kathleen Lake.

We woke up to several inches of fresh snow.

Upon arrival on the glacier, I was overwhelmed by the beauty.

Our tent city.

My dog yard.

Inside my tent, which is pretty much always cold and which I share with two other girls

Tourists on the tag sled and a loose dog running behind.

Each day after tours we walk the trail to scoop up poo. This is fellow musher Kym, and our handler Ben.

My trail-scooping mobile. I take a small team out to scoop trail. In lead on this day was Foxy and Peter.

Coming into Juneau for my first day off. I was almost two weeks on the glacier before I was able to come down to the ground for a shower!


laura said...

We had a portable propane heater in our tent and it worked great!

Sandy said...

Hey Jillian,

Greeting from the Creek! Wendel and I will keep up with you this summer and try to check on Rich! Hope you have a great summer and we will see you back in Fritz Creek in the fall! Take care!
By the way - sorry to hear about your Gran and Wendel's birthday is the
8th of October too!
Happy Trails,
Sandy White
Fritz Creek

Kathy said...

I still have your ski-jouring harness that I borrowed! Should I just pass it off to Rich at the Winery this summer? I really should get my own now. Good Luck on the Glacier - looks like SO much fun. I'm moving to Kwethluk in July - looking to get a couple of more dogs and start my own team! Maybe the Kuskokwim 300 in a couple of years? Who knows?!

Kathy said...

I need to return you ski-joring equipment to you! I really should get my own now. Should I just pass it off to Rich this summer at the Winery? I'm moving to Kwethluk this summer and hope to get a couple of more dogs to make my own team. Maybe I'll be racing the Kuskokwim 300 in a couple of years! Who knows!?