Saturday, May 29, 2010

We all try harder as the days run out

My face feels leathery. Like an old catcher's mitt. Despite slathering on layers and layers of SPF 50 sunblock, I have a dark tan/burn on my face. I wear big glacier glasses to protect my eyes and thus have the worst tan lines ever. I'm serious. I look like a freak. We all have it, but still.
Despite my freakish raccoon tan, things are rolling along swimmingly on the Mendenhall Glacier. We're getting ever busier and I'm exhausted. The dogs are doing great despite very hot temperatures the last several days. They don't run much compared to winter training, but they're pulling heavy loads in punchy conditions and it's just enough to keep them active and happy. Plus, they get loads of pets and pats from kind strangers. Mr. Lahey, with her blue eyes and fair skin isn't doing so well and will most likely get sent down to the ground to run with a friend and super dog driver who is working for AIE's cart-tour operation. I'm sad at the thought of sending my celebrity micro-tiny away, but it's the best thing for her health.
I miss Rich terribly, but am busy enough now that at least I can focus on that. He is working his butt off at the winery and we are both saving every penny for the winter. I don't have any new photos to share but tomorrow I am pulling out my big camera to try and capture some of the beauty and goings-on up on the Mendenhall. I'll post again when I come down Thursday night.

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