Monday, October 23, 2006

Ronery. I'm so ronery.

Sam has left for his week-long trip to Indy to photograph the national FFA convention. It's a gig he's been doing for over 20 years. I thought it would be nice to have the cabin to myself for a while but I miss him already. Bull and I have had some in depth political discussions however. He's from the Healy. You can't blame the guy for being a little conservative. I mean, he's missing a front tooth for crying out loud.
It snowed a lot here over the weekend. It's the latest snowfall in 30 years. I'm going to run dogs today but I don't think there's enough snow to get the sleds out just yet. More four-wheeler training for now. I bumped the teams up to nine miles on Friday and they all handled it very well. The only mishap was on the second run when my leaders got a little confused on this new trail and there was a little tangle. I stopped the team and realized that the cable gangline was wrapped around one of the yearlings legs. I unhooked him and tried to free his leg but he kept trying to bite me. He was biting because he was scared not because he was being aggressive. So after a few seconds I knew that I would have to get bitten to get him untangled, so I dove it. My left hand and wrist have a puncture and bruises, but nothing serious. As soon as I got Wylie free he ran around acting like nothing had happened.
I puttered around the house yesterday then split some wood while the puppies played in the snow. They were born in February and live in a covered pen, so all the snow was a bit of a shock at first. Funny stuff.
Let's see...what else? Oh yeah, I cut the tip of my finger off while chopping onions last night. I think it's in the salad. I couldn't find it. I also think it's a sign that Sam shouldn't go away anymore. Last time, I cut my leg with a chainsaw. My finger's fine and I'm expecting another gruesome scar.
Greets to Chris in Oregon. Welcome!


Anonymous said...

You only cut your finger so it would destroy the evidence, now that the FBI has your fingerprints. There was an X-Files once where the guy cut off the tips of all his fingers so he didn't leave fingerprints at his crime scenes. Or maybe it was a creepy movie I saw. Maybe it was Canuck that relocated to the depths of Alaska to escape detection from the mounties. Hmmm. Do they sell chaps for your fingers? marge

Anonymous said...

Remind me not to eat salad at your place any time soon. I suppose you sewed up your own finger! Please, please, please . . . no more accidents - you have us all worried and we can't take it any more.

Any more cabin pics?

PS - good one marge - finger chaps

AKbushbaby said...

If you did come over for salad and found something crunchy, we'll say it's a crouton. Yeah, that's it. A crouton. I'm trying not to have accidents, but I'm prone. I ran over my leg with the four-wheeler today. And got bit again. My bruises and scars are growing in number. Franken-musher.
I'll put some cabin pics up tomorrow.

AKbushbaby said...

I didn't lose that much. Upon closer inspection last night, I sliced mostly nail off with just a little tip. So, sadly, Sam and I won't be stubby buddies just yet. I met a guy in Finland who was missing the same amount on the same hand as Sam. It was creepy.

Anonymous said...

I have become a follower of your Blog because I am enamored with your dog operation and you write a mean line. I'm not sure I'd be too wild about your version of Chef Salad though!

I found you via my niece's blog who works for the FAA and is a friend of your husband Sam, Tracy Smith. I noticed the link to "Alaskan Friends", followed it and have checked on you weekly ever since.

Keep up the good prose and the progress you have made on your home in the wilderness. I am in awe.
Marty b

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the mention in your blog. I was trying to stay in cognito, but, Sam must have smoked me out. I enjoyed the reading of your entire site last week after Sam sent me a link. Well, he thought he sent me a link, but, his tremondous spelling ability got to him again. I found it after doing a websearch of your names.

Great Cabin! I, too, want to see more pics. Keep them coming. It is pretty cool to check out what you guys have been doing and the progress you have made on the homestead. I still laugh at the pic of Sam right after the cell phone met the mortar bucket. I'm keeping it to show my stupidvisor the next time she tries to get me to take a cell phone for my work. Mortar Happens!



Anonymous said...

That photo after the mortar incident made it into the FFA Newsroom slideshow.