Monday, October 02, 2006

Welcome home

Well, we did it. We moved into our new house. We are home. There is some seriously good karma in our new cabin and I love it, love it, love it. It's so us. So cozy. It has what the French call a certain 'I don't know what.' We are so happy. The summer of stress is over and we are home. Ok, so there's still a mountain of work to do before winter, but we're in. We got snow here on Friday and man, did I panic. With no dog yard to speak of, snow is the enemy right now. We still have to clear a trail from the yard to the main trail AND build a dog shack before the real snow comes. The dog shack's main purpose will be a warm shed for me to work on my sleds and cook food for the race dogs. (The thought of horse meat and chicken skins thawing in our new cabin, didn't sit well with either of us, so we're building a shack for the gear, food, sick dogs etc.) Anyway, I'm using the computer at the paper and Sam's boss is hovering. (We have no internet at home yet....add that to the list.)
Happy belated birthday to Sam's sis in Wichita, Rebecca. She's around 38, I think. That's how old she looks anyway.
Pictures of the new cabin filled with our crap to come. (Sam's crap is now our crap by default. I, of course, have no crap to speak of. All my things are treasures. Winkity wink)
You all had me at hello (tear).
Sam took these photos . The shot of the aurora is on Saturday night (our first night in the house...I told you there was good karma) and was taken from our balcony. The one below was taken Saturday morning after the snow looking down from the balcony on the Nomad and Hazel Mouse.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Jilly & Sam. Who is Karma? I hope she is good for both of you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! So happy for you Jilly...

The pictures of the pups are so cute!!!! My head did actually explode from the cuteness....Im calling 911....

Love Dana

Anonymous said...

'Bout time. Now we can watch The Office at your house, right? That is, when I get back from dodging bullets in the Baghdad hellhole? I know you miss me. I miss Hazel. ok, and you.