Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What do you need a comb for?

You don't even have any hair!

If anyone, besides my sister and Krista, can tell me what movie that's from I'll buy you a Coke.

So, yes, I got fingerprinted today. For immigration, not the coppers. In case anyone hasn't read the comments on the previous post: I'm not a common thug (I'm an extraordinary one!), I wasn't nervous, I'm not all thumbs and I'm not thumbing anyone in the FBI...I'm only thumbing Sam. I'm not sure what that means so I'll move on.
The cabin is coming along. I bought a wreath. It's red and festive and hanging on the front door and I love it. I also got a doormat that says 'wipe your paws.' Sam said I should get one for the outhouse that says 'wipe your ass.'
If they don't find you handsome, they should at least find you classy. Good thing Sam’s both.
So I trained dogs again today and am really pleased with the young ones' progress. Bull has proven to be my most reliable leader. Sister runs with Bull but is easily distracted. Birds, sticks, the ground if it's in front of her she's got to check out. I've been running different adult dogs with my second yearling team and have had some really, really bad training sessions as a result. Dogs who are retired but were once great leaders were given to me to use but three now have turned my around on numerous occasions causing serious tangles and great frustration. Finally a couple of days ago, Ken gave me a younger leader to use named Kinga. She had a litter of pups several weeks ago and she needs to get back in shape, so I get to run her until she's fit enough to run with Ken's race team. She's a really consistent leader and has saved me of lead dog woes for the time being. Today I ran Kinga with a yearling named Pikea right out of the yard and they did great together. It's really gratifying to see these young dogs learning the ways of the trail and getting stronger while, most importantly, staying happy. Anyway, here are a few puppy pictures from today's adventure at Windy Creek Kennel.

The black one is Dingo. Dingo is my favourite puppy at the moment. She likes to bite me in the face, but who doesn't?
The little black and white fart is Jack. Jack is the runt in Kinga's (mentioned above) litter. It's all just too cute. The white truck is the dog truck. We finally got the dog box on so I can cart my dogs north to Windy Creek for training. (In case some of you are wondering, the actual truck was formerly known as "Great White." R.I.P.)
And last but not least, the brown dog is Pikea, my superstar yearling. He gets the gold star today for the running the entire six miles, start to finish, in lead. He ducked into the woods a couple times trying to get at some ptarmigan but Kinga kept him in line.


KD said...

I want to say Stand By Me. And I also want my coke, biatch!

AKbushbaby said...

You're correct, but I'm sorry, we only serve pepsi products here. Better luck next time.