Saturday, June 09, 2007

Shortstop's got a cannon, pitcher's got a big butt

Ahhh, baseball. I love it. So I've been shooting the state baseball championships for the Associated Press and I'm loving it. Today is the championship game and the last of the three days of shooting for me. I've managed to get some decent shots and met a lot of cool people from all over the state. Thursday I got rained on but yesterday was beautiful. I was up in the press box for a bit shooting with a 500mm lens when a rogue foul ball came right for me. The two reporters beside me ducked out of the way, but since I was looking through my camera, I didn't see the ball. I only heard it hit the wall beside with deafening crack. Just one of the perils of being a sports photographer, I guess. A couple weeks ago when I was shooting state track, I almost got hit twice with a discus. I'm pretty sure that would have maimed or even killed me, but since I have cat-like reflexes was able to jump out of the way. After the second one came right for me, I was pretty sure they were aiming for me.
Sam's family (aunt and uncle in their 80s and cousins in their late 50s) are in town. Sam's cousin Patty called me husky. Sigh. We went to the Turtle Club last night for dinner and I freakin' got carded! Of course, I didn't drive, so I didn't have any ID. I was mortified. Then the waiter gave me a wink and said he'd give me a beer anyway...even though he still didn't believe I was of age. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I know, I know, take it as a compliment. Well, I did a few years ago, but now it's just annoying and embarrassing.
I got up early today to go help Libby with her garage sale and am getting ready to get back out to the park.
John leaves for Haines today for a summer of commercial fishing with his dad. Marg took a job in Washington State and leaves in a week. The newlyweds will meet up in August in Washington to begin their non-Alaska lives together. BOOOOO. Don't go.


Anonymous said...

I'll miss you too, you husky lady. mf

Anonymous said...

Margaret, don't go!
John, you stay, too.
There. Anything else you need done around here Jillian?
your non-blonde, non-cheerleader friend

Anonymous said...

Warning to Sam:

Birthday Crisis is Approaching!

AKbushbaby said...

Crisis? It's only a crisis if it's not the best, most fun, dancelicious, boosetastic party ever in the history of parties. No pressure.