Friday, October 24, 2008

All of the angels would sell off your soul

Training has been going so well, I'm finding it hard to believe. My dogs are champs. I love each of them so much, just when I think I can't adore them any more, I see something that makes my heart explode. I love the way Hazel plays coy on top of her house and then groans when I scratch her back. I love how Capiche's bark sounds like a flooded car. I love how Strider pouts until he's hooked up and then screams like mad. And Summer is the sweetest dog off the line, but on, she's a freakin' maniac. Drake is super sensitive but a fearless leader. Doyon is silly but is so focused on the team I want to stop and hug him every five seconds. And so on and so forth. Anyway, here are some photos of the last few runs. Rich was here for a few days and today John showed up to help. Roy has eaten two and half sticks of butter in the last two days. I think he's acting out because Papa Sam is gone. Who knows.

A couple days ago on a 10-miler with Rich.

Today with John.

Teeth marks in the butter taken just moments ago. Roy has a new addiction besides being annoying: butter.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

They sound like great dogs! It also seems like the summer training (while you make money) down in Skagtown is gonna pay big dividends this season for ya.

I like Roy, nice butter pic.

tangle said...

When I first started winter camping, I learned that slathering everything in butter is the best way to keep warm at night. Roy is one smart hound ...

jojo roxx said...

I LoveLoveLove your pups. I have just two, but one, especially, is a bonifide musherpup. My heart too, explodes, and melts with supreme love and admiration when I see him lean into his tow line with every step, full of drive, determination, and GOPOWER~ It must be such a rush with 15+. You are a lucky, lucky musher, and Team Humdog is rooting 4 you all the way! What's a little butter in the pursuit of the best?
"Yes, my pups are so bonded to me and POWERFULLY FAST, due to a summer of fun runs and ample butter! Who knew?!?..or maybe you've stumbled on Lance's Secret Formula...

bea's blog said...

Oh, you lucky one!!!
Love to drop by in your blog!
Isn't it just great to work with dogs...?!!?
European Greetings