Thursday, November 06, 2008

Baby, please stop crying. No seriously, shut the hell up.

Babies. Who loves babies out there? Can I get a woot??! Well, I for one, don't really care for babies. They're kind of - how can I put this so as not to offend? - half-tarded. No, wrong. They're...uh, babies are...annoying. There. Better?
There are a few exceptions of course, the first being my nephew Jaden. Cutest baby there ever was. Always smiling, always happy, always adorable. The Engman kids as babies were too cute for words and as bad as I am with kids, I could spend hours with lil Ella and Eli even now. They adore me, and that helps. Ella, of the Trish and Graeme gang, is very cute and looks remarkably intelligent for her tender age. Of course there are other kids in my life that I enjoy. Eva is a sassy 8-year-old who is always up for adventure. (I think her mom's still pissed at me for giving Eva a book of matches at our last bonfire. Oops. What?)
And Owen. T-Bird has raised this boy right. He's one of the smartest, most inquisitive children I've ever met.
And then there's Daniel of the Erin and Aaron ilk. He reminds me of an indignant old man and he's only, what, two? Hilarious. He's built like a brick shithouse and always makes me smile.
I'm sure there are more kids in my life. Oh yeah! Ken and Gwen just had twins, and though I haven't had the pleasure of meeting them yet, or seeing Ken change a shitty diaper (haha! sucka!) I've seen a heap of photos and Leif and Marais look adorable.
As we all know, I have 20 children (yes, down to 20) and I love each and every one of them with all my heart. Except when they don't listen. Or poo on the carpet upstairs. Or whine incessantly. Or fight with each other. Sound familiar? A parent is a parent even if their kids are furry and four-legged.
OK, here are some pics of the children in my life sans my four-legged babies.

My sister took these photos of Jaden. He's ready for Alaska!



Leif and Marais, Ken and Gwen's twins.

Ella, Trish and Graeme's babe.

Sam took this gem of Eli and Ella this summer. Apparently they just climbed into this old dog house on their own. Too cute!


Anonymous said...

Gotta admit, I like babies! And you have a collection of real cuties there.

dogsled_stacie said...

LOVE the kids in the doghouse!!!! Did Sam chain them out too?

bea's blog said...

Suppose you like kids a lot...cute pix.
Your posts are always a pleasure to read.
Welcome to mine and see MY team!~ ♥ ~
European Greetings from

BarefootBeat said...

That's the thing about having your own like them!! I like my kids.....but other people's kids???...meh......

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