Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't stop 'til you get enough

I'm ambivalent about the recent celebrity deaths. I will most likely remember where I was when heard the news that MJ died: at work, eating salad for lunch. Fern, the winery's gardener, (no shit, the gardener's name is Fern) came over and said 'I just got text from my daughter; Michael Jackson is dead!'
My reaction? 'Huh. Is there anymore salad inside?'
MJ kind of trumps my news I suppose but I'll tell you anyway.
We'll be leaving our post at Libby's at the beginning of October and moving about a mile down the road. We're renting a cabin (back to no water, no!) and some land from Jason and Kelly Cameron who own Katchemak Kennels. We'll be joining their fledgling winter tour operation. They give week-long dog sled tours into the Caribou Hills. Also, we'll be mixing up some of our dogs so that I will have a potentially stronger race team and they will have more tour dogs to choose from. If it all works out after one season, Richard and I will have a rent-to-own option on the land. If it doesn't work out, Rich and I will move on and cut our losses. Don't get me wrong, Libby's place is amazing and we are still close enough to help her out, but really, she needs someone who is focused on her. And Rich and I have our own agenda with our own dogs, racing and work. We're in the process now of drafting up a contract with Jason and Kelly so we are all clear on the goals and expectations of this Spitfire/Katchemak fusion. Rich and I will still maintain Spitfire Kennels and our sponsors and other finances will remain separate, so if you're sponsoring me, you are indeed sponsoring me. I'm excited for the winter and now that we're losing daylight again, the cold, snowy weather is just around the corner. Of course, the weather here is very different from Fairbanks. It's much warmer in the winter (no more 40 below!) and they get much, much more snow here. I hope it all works out, but Rich and I are keeping our options open just in case and we'll end up wherever that clever north wind blows us.

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TwoYaks said...

I found out two days late myself, and my reaction was about the same as yours. I'm looking forward to us all remembering why people stopped listening to his music. 'course, not many people in squarebanks are going on about his death...