Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Start with straight shots and then pop bottles

It's been warm here the last couple of days. Today is down-right hot. Yesterday Rich and I rototilled the dog yard. I used to think that scooping poop in the rain with a hangover was the worst job ever, but a new task has taken that title. Rich did most of the grunt work as the huge beast of a machine would send me flailing when I tried to use it, so I followed along, raking in holes, helping him lift when the machine got stuck, and moving dogs and houses out of his way. The dog yard looked great when all was said and done; level and soft. That lasted about an hour. It still looks better than it did, but the dogs have dug their bear traps once again and padded down their spots. I'm off again today and have been planting flowers and vegetables in my deck garden, cleaning out water cans and refilling them and waiting for a couple of visitors who are here in Homer and really wanted to see real sled dogs and puppies. I like showing off my dogs. And my life. I'm proud of what I have and what I do, even though it usually results in me smelling like dog poo. Here are some random shots of the view from our cabin and a video of the pups.

Roy woke me up the other morning around 4 to go pee and Rich and I witnessed a really great sunrise.

Roy in a ditch. For some reason he likes this spot and if he's not near it, he'll dig his own little trench to sleep in.


Kathleen said...

I could barely see the video due to the tears in my eyes from laughing to hard. One very funny post. Truly, it's hard to imagine anything worse than scooping poop in the rain hungover. But I'll trust you on that one.

Love the photos. Roy is hilarious and the sunrise just stunning.

But the puppies break my heart, they are so adorable. Thank you so much for posting videos of them. They make my day, er, evening!

jojo roxx said...

WOW~!~!~ awesome pics. CUTE CUTE pups. And what a great summer gig. u go grrl!