Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homer: a quaint drinking town with a fishing problem

Exciting things are happening for Spitfire Kennels and we can't wait for winter! Details aren't finalized yet, so I'll hold off on the specifics, but stay tuned!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the puppies are wrestling like crazy and it's hot, hot, hot here on the hill. Rich and I have started playing tennis after work, but other than that not much is new. We're working hard on keeping the dogs happy during these lazy (for them, not us) summer days, but they're still a little bored. Capiche, our resident bowl-tipper, collar-slipper, fence-climber, hole-digger, house-tipper has dug herself a three-foot-deep trench around her house. We've been letting her loose and she comes in the house overnight, but she's smart (sometimes scarily so) and is bored when she's in the dogyard. Hopefully we'll rectify that situation soon, but again, no details yet.
Here are some photos and video of the last few days. Rich and I walked around the small boat harbour yesterday on our day off. I love watching the hustle and bustle of the port.

Yee haw!

The yellow lab was really, really hoping for a scrap or two.

Oh la la.


Yes I am.

Could it be? The Time Bandit? Eeeeekkkkk! I felt like a stalker and I haven't even seen the show!

mmm, not really...anymore...

Old boat in the harbour.



Kathleen said...

So the puppies made it over the threshold! Precious!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Someone actually named a big ole commercial fishing boat Time Bandit? Wow. I'm assuming it must be referencing something besides the cult movie Time Bandits?

Puppies are soooooo cute!