Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm not your average Asian woman

I guess that's because I'm not Asian.
So I rented a big floor sander yesterday. The guys at this particular local paint store are so nice, I really like going in there. One of the men who was helping me with this gargantuan machine was telling me how to use it and added that a lady friend of his would just sit on the top of the sander and push herself around with her feet instead of pushing it around with the handlebars. I shrugged, acknowledging his suggestion but thought nothing of it. So once I got it home, and turned it on, I realized that the thing vibrates at, like, five million RPMs, (of course it does! it's a sander) and kind of laughed to myself because, well, duh! of course the woman liked to 'sit on it.'
Sam ended up having to use the machine because I couldn't control it, while I used the smaller hand sander to get the stuff he couldn't with the machine. (the floor is beautiful by the way).
ANYWAY, I took the machine back and the guys asks me 'so, did you sit on it?' and I was like 'uh, no, but I can see why your lady friend liked to.'
And, seriously now, he looked at me with a totally blank expression and said 'whad'ya mean?'
I said 'well, the thing vibrates and...well, I can see why she liked it so much.'
Still. Nothing. The guy was clueless.
"nevermind," I said, thanked him and left still snickering to myself.
Sam and I are chuckling about it this morning. Good times.
We're off to paint the new floor (it's a clear coat, mostly just to protect the wood floor).
Sunday, I will begin training the dogs (hooked to a four-wheeler) for the upcoming mushing season. It's a little later than I would have liked to start, but with the new place and all there hasn't been much time.
The yearlings (the young dogs) are absolutely bonkers. Sunday should be fun, if I survive.


Anonymous said...

I get good vibrations this could be another product opportunity. Yahoo

Anonymous said...

Crack bag and vibrating momma. Seems to be a recurring theme.

AKbushbaby said...

Make it of it what you will. I don't fill cracks and tell.